Diesel Power Module Jeep Wrangler 2007-2014


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Diesel Tuning – An Overview

Modern Turbo Diesel engines have a large amount of scope for increased power, torque and fuel economy. In any internal combustion engine, burning additional air and fuel together will increase the power and torque produced. At full throttle, petrol engines combine almost all of their in-cylinder air with fuel for combustion, so adding more fuel will not increase power.

Unlike petrol engines, in many parts of the rev range modern Diesel engines combine less than half of their in-cylinder air with fuel for combustion, if more fuel is strategically added at the correct time, the efficiency of the engine, and therefore the power and torque, can be substantially increased without detrimental effect to emissions, noise, reliability or drive-ability. Enter the Outlaw 4x4 'DPM'.

The Outlaw 4x4 'DPM' - An Introduction

Our fully digital Diesel Power Module (DPM) strategically adds fuel when required, as a result power gains up to 25% and torque gains over 40% can be achieved safely and reliably. The 'DPM' is ready to go straight out of the box and is quite literally 'plug and play'. The Outlaw 4x4 ‘DPM’ is supplied with individual vehicle fitting instructions, a user guide and in most cases can be fitted in minutes.  We offer a 3 year warranty on the unit and a 7 days satisfaction guarantee. 

The Outlaw 4x4 'DPM' is one of the most advanced little black boxes you can buy for increasing performance and decreasing fuel usage on modern diesel engines. This microprocessor based tuning device offers excellent control of the ECU’s fuelling strategy for serious performance gains with very fine adjustability. The unit comes with nine pre-installed fuel maps optimizing the engine for economy, towing, or all out performance as well as an off position so that the box can be effectively switched off without being removed. Additionally the ‘DPM’ can be reprogrammed for different vehicles or specific vehicle requirements.

The Outlaw 4x4 'DPM' adds fuel by means of taking control of the fuel pressure, however and most importantly, we do not over pressurize the system any more than its maximum design limit, this negates increased servicing or repair costs that you may experience with lesser 'chips'. The DPM also differs from most other diesel tuning boxes or chips in that it is controlled by two microprocessors, one of which controls the fuelling, the other can control boost pressure. 

Learn why increasing fuel pressure to increase power on a Common Rail diesel engine is the correct method - click me.

The Outlaw 4x4 ‘DPM’ is available on most models with our boost control feature, this allows boost to be increased within safe limits (typically 2-3 psi), providing additional air flow for even more power. Additionally our boost pressure sensing allows the unit to add another degree of accuracy to its fuelling calculations. By adding an input of current manifold pressure, fuelling accuracy can be increased significantly thus preventing excessive exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) and off-boost engine smoke at higher power settings which is typical of some other generic tuning boxes or chips.

The full range of ‘DPM’s have specific engine mapping rather than, at best, generic software and at worst, a simple trim pot adjustment. This feature enables the unit to be compatible with automatics, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Piezo injectors and even vehicles with high mileage without running into check engine light (CEL) issues and other problems.

  • Automotive water & dust proof connectors
  • Up to 25% power & 45% torque increase
  • Plug and play – no wire cutting
  • Easy to fit – full fitting instructions supplied
  • Up to 10% fuel economy improvements
  • Super tough extruded alloy casing - water & dust resistant
  • 3 year warranty & 7-day satisfaction guarantee
  • User adjustable – simplified Low, Med & High range adjustability
  • Conformal coated PCB provides protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, etc
  • Bluetooth & EGT Pyrometer connections available!!
  • Works within factory ‘safe’ engine tolerances


Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 15.000m
Shipping Length 0.120m
Shipping Cubic 0.450000m3

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