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The iTechworld 30A smart battery charger offers battery short-circuit, reverse polarity protection and intelligent pulse charge.  It is the ideal accessory for charging your vehicle's battery in a safe and easy way. The iTechworld 30A  charger uses a three-phase charging mode of constant current and voltage, then trickle charge and finally stops charging when full float voltage is 14.6V DC.

*This battery charger is suitable for GEL, AGM, WET and Lead-acid
*This battery charger is suitable for use with the iTECH120X, iTECH120 Marine, iTECH200 and iTECH120 lithium battery only. No other lithium batteries are supported.
*This battery charger is for indoor use. Do not use outdoors.
*Only use in a dust and water-free environment. Do not use in a wet, humid or dusty environment.


Showroom charger, not designed to be permanently connected.
Soft start function.
LED charging indicator: Red light displayed when charging, green when full.
High-Efficiency IC’s offering a long service life.
Double insulation.
The case is made from lightweight alloy. 
Internal cooling low noise fan effectively prevents the charger from overheating.
The fan adopts an intelligent tech sensing the current and automatically adjusting its speed to suit. Extending the fans life. 
The iTechworld 30A battery charger uses a micro control system to manage the process of the battery charging. 


built-in protection features.
+ Over current protection.
+ Over voltage protection.
+ Overcharge protection.
+ Temperature cut out.
+ Reverse protection.


Output Voltage (DC): 12-14.6 V DC
Input Voltage (AC): 210V~240V
Input Current: Approx 1.6 Amps
Output Current (OUT): 0.5A~30A
Continuous Power (OUT) 120-360W
Dimensions: 195 x 160 x 70mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Lightweight and Portable
The statutory warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.

1x 30A Battery Charger


SKU iTechworld-30A
Brand iTech World

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