Kanati Mud Hog Tyres for 17" rims

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Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 265/70R17 Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 265/70R17
Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 285/70R17 Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 285/70R17
Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 33X12.50R17 Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 33X12.50R17
Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 35x12.50R17 Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 35x12.50R17
Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 37x12.50R17 Kanati Mud Hog Tyre - 37x12.50R17


The Kanati mud hog was developed to reduce the need for a dedicated off-road light truck tire; that means no more hassle from switching out your everyday tires for a bit of off-road weekend adventure. The mud hog’s aggressive tread pattern and heavy 3-ply construction makes it one of the toughest highway/off-road tires available!


High void ratios, performance-engineered tread, and dynamic lug angles mean mud and dirt won’t gunk up your tires leading to reduced traction and performance. Traction that digs deep! The aggressive tread patterns provides each Kanati tire with lots of traction across a variety of terrain; everything from dirt, sand, mud, rocks, and more!

Kanati tires seamlessly transition from street to rock and everything in between due to a balanced tread design principle that adapts to the terrain. Less bumps mean less headaches. Off-road doesn't just mean you've got to rattle your brains on the highway anymore! A combination of clever construction and premium materials make Kanati tires less stiff than a traditional tire for a much smoother ride.

Kanati designs each tread using a multi-pitch, angular design that breaks up sound resonance and harmonics. Very similar to “sound cancelling” technology, this design philosophy reduces road noise while also increasing all around off-road performance. It's your tires, not your stereo. Kanati tires are specially designed with a unique tread pattern that helps to cancel noise when you’re driving on pavement. Actually enjoy your stereo without all the roar and resonation.

Manufactured for excellence. The state-of-the-art manufacturing process and quality assurance means each Kanati tire is built above and beyond industry standards to ensure the best possible product. Durable materials and high-quality construction mean Kanati tires have less wear and tear than your traditional off-road tire at a fraction of the cost. You just can't beat quality and value!


  • Aggressive Tread: The large lugs compress for maximum surface-to-surface contact which creates improved traction, better handling, and peace of mind for your off-road adventures.
  • Overlapping Center line: The layered pattern of the contact patch was engineered to cancel road noise for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Durable Sidewall: The unique 3-ply sidewall reinforces the structural integrity of the Kanati Mud Hog for greater puncture resistance. The sturdier construction digs into softer terrain for better traction and performance.
  • High Void Ratio: Void ratio refers to the amount of open space in the tread. The Kanati Mud Hog's high void ratio allows for superior debris clear-out and improves the Mud Hog’s ability to drain water.

​Sizes Available:

265/70R17 - Load Speed 121/118Q Ply Rating 10PR

285/70R17 - Load Speed 123/120Q Ply Rating 10PR

33X12.50R17 - Load Speed 120Q Ply Rating 8PR

35X12.50R17 - Load Speed 121Q Ply Rating 8PR

37X12.50R17 - Load Speed 124Q Ply Rating 8PR

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SKU mud_hog_17
Brand Kanati Tyres
Shipping Weight 25.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.940m
Shipping Height 0.320m
Shipping Length 0.940m
Shipping Cubic 0.282752m3

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