Rhino 4x4 range

Date Posted:25 October 2016 

“The new and exciting Evolution front replacement winch bar is available for order now. These new bars give your vehicle an aggressive 4wd look without looking like a truck. They are a tough 3 and 5mm all steel construction and protect all of your engine vitals. They also give you full winch compatibility, 2 snatch rated recovery points, great angle of approach, and a heavy duty bash plate.

The Evolution Bumper & Sliders is finished in a hard-wearing Powder coat and available standard in white or black. It is a 3mm steel construction and includes as standard a 5mm Aluminium bash plate not offered on other brands. The middle winch plate insert comes standard in White or Black and can be optioned as stainless steel. We also offer as standard, fog lights which are an option on many other brands.

The Evolution bumper & Sliders has carried out dynamic crash testing here in Australia to ensure it complements the existing safety systems for example Air bags. The Standard bumper on your vehicle gets removed completely and can be saved / sold.”

Bull bars

Underbody protection

12,00Lb Winch with Dyneema Rope

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